Privacy Policy


  1. Introduction:
    • We know that You as a user (“YouYourUser(s)”) care about how Your personal information is used and processed. We assure You that We take Your privacy seriously, and it is Our endeavor to protect Your Private Data and to process the same in accordance with applicable laws.
    • In order to understand Your rights and obligations in relation to the processing of Private Data, it is important that You understand these terms. Hence, We urge that You please read the following to learn more about our Privacy Policy, prior to accepting the same.
  2. What does this Privacy Policy cover?
    • This Privacy Policy stipulates terms and conditions concerning collection storage and processing of Private Data, when You access our Platform or use Our Services.
    • It is important that You read this Privacy Policy together with the Terms and Conditions. We have tried to keep Our Privacy Policy as simple as possible. We do understand that this Privacy Policy contains certain terms which may be technical in nature. Hence, We urge You to please refer to the definition of the said terms, prior to reviewing the Privacy Policy.
    • As You will be availing Our Services through the Platform, this Policy, applies to Us and You. Kindly note that the Policy does not apply to any other websites and mobile applications of third parties, even if their websites/software/products are linked to the Platform. Accordingly, it is recommended that You review the privacy statements and policies of any such third parties, if You opt to visit such websites or use the mobile applications/ software.
  3. Reason for Collecting Your Private Data:
    • The Terms and Conditions, form a binding contract between You and Us. Therefore, We will require Your Private Data to perform the obligations under the Terms.
    • In addition to above, We may also be processing Personal Data for legitimate purposes like security of Our technology systems, data analysis for marketing purposes. However, kindly be assured that Your fundamental rights concerning protection of Private Data are paramount and shall override, the said legitimate purpose.
    • We collect Personal Data for following purposes:
  4. to contact the User if the User has requested information or communication from Us;
  5. to enhance the operation of the Platform;
  6. to provide and improve our Services;
  7. for marketing purposes;
  8. to analyse Platform use;
  9. for security, anti-piracy, and fraud prevention purposes;
  10. to verify that existing Private Data about User in our possession is accurate and complete;
  11. to undertake any other promotional activities (where You have previously consented to such promotional activities);
  12. to ensure compliance with applicable laws, rules and regulations;
  13. to troubleshoot, resolve disputes and accomplish administrative tasks; and
  14. to enforce our agreements with the User (including our Terms of Service, this Privacy Policy).
  15. Data We Collect:
    • Data We collect may be categorized as “Personal Data” and “Non-Personal Data” (collectively referred to as “Data”).
    • Personal Data means such data or combination of data (including Personal Data), which may be used to identify You distinctly from any other person or User, for instance, Your name, phone, bank account details etc... “Non-Personal Data” on the other hand means such data which may not identify You personally eg. Data collected through cookies and pixels, which may help Us understand Your preferences when You Purchase products from Us. This type of information may include things like the date and time of Your visit, Uniform Resource Locator ("URL") of the website You visited before coming to Our Platform, the URL of the website You visit after leaving our Platform, the type of browser You are using and Your Internet Protocol ("IP") address.
    • Some of the information We ask You to provide, are mandatory and some are voluntary. If You do not provide the mandatory information for a particular activity that requires it, You may not be permitted to engage in completing certain key components of Purchase of the Products. Further, since the accuracy of Your information is important to Us, You provide Us with Your Personal Data, however, please keep Us informed if such information changes during Your relationship with Us.
    • You can always opt not to disclose information to Us. However, do keep in mind some information may be needed to register with Us or to take advantage of some of Our special features/ Services. You may be able to add, update, or delete information as explained provided by You. When You update information, however, We may maintain a copy of the unrevised information in our records. Please note that some information may remain in Our private records after Your deletion of such information from Your account. We may use any aggregated data derived from or incorporating Your personal information after You update or delete it, but not in a manner that would identify You personally.
  16. Source and Purpose – Personal Data:
    • We collect Personal Data in the following manner:
  17. Personal Data You provide when You create Your account. The said data includes, name, phone number, email id, address, [insert any other data which may be collected at the time of creating the Account].
  18. Personal Data in the form of financial information which You create when You purchase Products.
  19. Personal Data, if any, which You may provide, at the time, You post any comments, or reviews, on the Platform.
  20. Personal Data, if any, which We may capture, if You opt to use Your social media account for creating Your account on the Platform.
  21. Personal Data, if any, We may capture through cookies, pixels etc.
    • Before You provide Your consent to this Privacy Policy, We would like to brief You on Your Personal Data We will be collecting and the purpose for which Your Personal Data will be collected. The Personal Data and the Purpose for which such Personal Data will be collected is detailed in the Table below:




To identify You, for the purposes of Your order.

Email ID

For processing Your Order, and updating You on tracking the shipment. It may also be used to update You on new product offering, sales and discounts/ offers.

Phone Number

For processing Your Order, and updating You on tracking the shipment. It may also be used to update You on new product offering, sales and discounts/ offers.

Residential/ Shipping Address

For shipping the products to You

Financial Data

For processing Your payment and to use as reference in the event of dispute between Us and You.





  1. Data Retention Period:
    • Unless You seek deletion of Personal Data, the Personal Data shall remain with Us, (a) till the date both You and Us have a binding contract; or (b) for the purposes of satisfying any legal, regulatory, tax, accounting or reporting requirements. We may retain Your Private Data for a longer period in the event of a complaint or if We reasonably believe there is a prospect of litigation in respect to our relationship with You.
    • The decision to retain Personal Data is subject to parameters like the amount, nature and sensitivity of Personal Data, the potential risk of harm from unauthorized use or disclosure of Your Personal Data, the purposes for which We process Your Personal Data and whether We can achieve those purposes through other means, and the applicable legal, regulatory, tax, accounting or other requirements, are the criteria based on which data retention period is determined.
  2. Your Consent:
    • Once You have read this Policy, please communicate Your consent to the same, by checking “I Agree” checkbox. Kindly note that mere reading of the Privacy Policy does not signify Your acceptance of the same. Hence, as per the legal requirements, You are required to provide Your consent in the manner specified in the Privacy PolicyPost Your consent to this Privacy Policy, We shall be sending a copy of the Privacy Policy, at the email address provided by You.
    • Access, Rectification and Withdrawal of Consent
      • You have the right to access Your Personal Data, at Your sole discretion. Your Personal Data may be accessed in the My Account page of the Platform. You may also reach out to Us at, if You are unable to access Personal Data.
      • You have the right to withdraw Your consent to this Policy, at any time, as per Your sole discretion. However, do note that in this case, We may not be able to provide certain Services to You through the Platform. In order to withdraw Your consent, You may please reach out to Us at
      • You are also be entitled to erase all or any portion of Your Private Data. However, do note that in such instances, the Platform will be available with You with only limited functionality and access. For instance, You may not conclude purchase of the Products through the Platform.
  1. Capacity:

In order to accept his Privacy Policy, You need to be:

  1. Above, the age of 16 (Sixteen) years or the age of majority, as per the applicable laws, governing You.
  2. In the event You less than 16 (Sixteen) years of age, this Privacy Policy may be consented by Your legal guardian or parent.

In the event, Your legal guardian or parent has consented to this Privacy Policy on Your behalf, We reserve the right to seek such further details from Your legal guardian or parent; or conduct independent verification concerning the validity of the said consent by Your legal guardian or parent.

  1. Use of Cookies:


  • As stated above, We collect Non – Personal Data through Cookies. Cookies are used to customize Your experience on Platform. They also help in certain key processing functions like holding Products in the cart. As an illustration, We will use data collected from Cookies for following purposes:
  1. Customise the information presented to You based on Your preferences and geographical location;
  2. Collect statistics concerning Your usage of the Platform;
  3. Improve Your experience with the Platform and to augment the technical aspects to ensure that Your Purchase at the Platform is smooth.
  4. Keep You updated regarding the transaction status;
  5. Send emails/ sms or other communication in electronic mode, wherever applicable, including verification messages;


  • Kindly note that if You wish to remove the cookies, You may simply do so by visiting the settings options on Your browser. You are not obligated to allow the Cookies through Your browser. However, as many of the functionalities of the Platform depend on the use of Cookies, there may be a likelihood that the said functionalities may not function properly.


  1. Marketing Campaigns:


  • We conduct marketing campaigns to know preferences of our customers including You. The data so collected during the said campaigns are analysed to create programs, offers and to overall improve user experience. In the marketing campaigns We collect Personal Data like Your contact number and responses to the queries forming part of the marketing campaigns.


  • You may also receive marketing emails, newsletter and communication concerning new Products and offerings. If You do not wish to receive emails, newsletter and marketing communication from Us, You may click unsubscribe link in the email and follow the procedure to remove Your email id from the mailing list for the said communication. In alternative, You may also email Us at [insert email id], to remove You from the mailing list.


  1. Automatic Logging of Session data:

Session data is the data which is generated when You log in to Your account on the Platform. It is possible that You remain logged in when You browse the Platform. Session data bases itself on Cookies and may capture Your login credentials at the time when You create the login id and password. Do note that automatic log in may take place only when You opt to click the “Remember Me” checkbox. If You do not wish to login automatically, please opt out from “Remember Me” option.

  1. Data Transfer:


  • We share Your Personal Data with third parties, only for the purposes of normal operations, instances of which are detailed below in succeeding sub – clauses.


  • Service Providers: By agreeing to these Terms, You consent to transfer Your Personal data to Our service providers like courier agencies, payment processing, data hosting agencies, cloud servers, entities helping Us in promotional campaigns or any other third party who may be responsible for fulfilling Your order.


  • Preventing Identity Theft Fraud etc.: We have zero tolerance policy towards identity theft, fraud and other similar offences. Hence, to ensure such events do not arise, We seek help of other entities/ service providers who assist Us in ensuring that such scenarios do not arise. Kindly note that in this regard, We may also share Your Personal Data with Our other corporate entities. However, such entities may not market to You unless You specifically consent for the same. By agreeing to these terms You also consent to sharing of Your Personal data with entities/ service providers and our other corporate entities, for the prevention of identity theft, fraud and other similar offences.


  • Affiliates (Present and future): We may share Your Personal Data with other entities, including but not limited to Our present and future affiliates. The term affiliate includes the entities with whom We have relationships in terms of common management or shareholding and other entities who may be providing services to Us. We may also collect Personal Data from our Affiliates and may have to also share their information with such Third Party service providers to accomplish our administrative tasks. We encourage Third Parties and Third Party service providers to adopt and publicly inform their privacy policies. However, the use of Your Personal Data by such parties is governed by the privacy policies of such parties and is not subject to our control.


  • Sharing of Private Data to such entities or authorities as may be necessary for compliance with legal requirements, cooperate with law enforcement authorities, a court order, enforcement or application of this Privacy Policy, our Terms of Service or other agreements; or protect the rights, property or safety of the Platform, its Users or others, and prevent fraud and other crimes and protect our and Your legal rights in relation to the same.


  • Business Transfer: We may undergo corporate restructuring or there may be an instances of business transfer. In such instances, Your Personal Data may be transferred.


  • For any other purpose, other than specified above, We will seek Your prior consent before sharing Your Personal Data. There may be instances, where Personal Data has already been provided to a third party. If You wish that We or such third party stop using such information, You may, at any time, write to Us or such Third Party, as the case may be, to stop using such Private Data. We specifically disclaim any responsibility or liability for the actions of such Third Parties. We do not have any responsibility for the actions of the Third Parties, and the actions of the Third Parties are not in Our control.


  1. Your Legal Rights:

Under certain circumstances, You have certain rights under data protection laws in relation to Your Private Data such as requesting access to Your data, requesting correction of Your data, requesting erasure of Your data, objecting to processing of Your data, requesting restriction of processing of Your data, requesting transfer of Your data to You or a third party and requesting to withdraw consent to process Your data. If You wish to exercise any of the rights set out above, please contact Us. We try to respond to all legitimate requests within one month. Occasionally, it could take Us longer than a month if Your request is particularly complex or You have made a number of requests. In this case, We will notify You and keep You updated. It is hereby clarified that You will not have to pay a fee to access Your Private Data (or to exercise any of the other rights). However, We may refuse to comply with Your request if Your request is clearly unfounded, repetitive or excessive.

  1. Security of Personal Data:

14.1   Your account is protected by a password for Your privacy and security. You need to prevent unauthorized access to Your account and personal information by selecting and protecting Your password appropriately and limiting access to Your computer or device and browser by signing off after You have finished accessing Your account.

14.2   We endeavor to protect the privacy of Your account and other personal information We hold in our records, but We cannot guarantee complete security. Unauthorized entry or use, hardware or software failure, and other factors, may compromise the security of the User’s information at any time.

16.3   The Platform may contain links to other sites. We are not responsible for the privacy policies and/or practices on other sites. When following a link to another site You should read that site's Privacy Policy.

  1. Changes to this Privacy Policy:

15.1   We may change this Privacy Policy at any time by posting the revised Privacy Policy in the "Privacy Policy" section of the Platform. The revised Privacy Policy is effective immediately when posted on the Platform. It is the responsibility of each User to review the Platform and the Privacy Policy periodically to learn of any revisions to this Privacy Policy. Your continued use of the Platform after the effectiveness of such revisions will constitute Your acknowledgment and acceptance of the terms of the revised Privacy Policy.

15.2   Please note that if You do not want to receive legal notices from Us, such as this Privacy Policy, those legal notices will still govern Your use of the Platform and the Services, and You are responsible for reviewing such legal notices for changes.

15.3   You may always submit concerns regarding this Privacy Policy via email to Us at We shall endeavour to respond to all reasonable concerns and inquires.

  1. Grievance Officer/ Data Protection Officer:

In the event You have any grievance concerning the processing of Your Personal, please feel free to reach out to the Grievance Officer at [insert email id]. In the event of receipt of any complaint from You, the grievance officer shall address the complaint and typically respond with the remedial measures within 30 (Thirty) days of the date of receipt of the Complaint. However, this time period of 30 (Thirty_days may extend depending on the nature of complaint, the complexity involved in addressing the Complaint.

  1. Dispute Resolution:

You have the right to lodge a complaint as per the laws of United Kingdom or European Union, if You believe that our processing of Your Private Data infringes the requirements of the applicable laws. We would, however, appreciate the chance to deal with Your concerns before You approach such authority, as per Clause 18 above.

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